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Child Maltreatment Ψ

Ψ One aim of my blog is to post psychology related topics, debates, and areas I am interested in regularly.
This first post is coming directly as a result of a Developmental Psychopathology lecture I attended this morning. The topic was ‘Child Maltreatment’. A very sensitive issue that sparked a debate between the students and the lecturer when some students questioned whether ‘witnessing domestic violence’ should be classified as a form of child maltreatment. Child maltreatment tends to be defined as the causing of physical or mental harm, or the failure to prevent it.
I am always intrigued to hear someone having a polar opinion to mine own as I am open to their reasoning and to changing my perspective. In this case, I stand definitely on the side of yes. Yes witnessing domestic violence is a form of child maltreatment. The child is emotionally abused by this, the damaging effects of witnessing parental or family violence cannot be underestimated.

I am interested here in hearing more opinions on this and whether other people feel that it should not be classified as a form of maltreatment? I was very shocked at that idea and am keen to know if anyone else has similar thoughts to that and why?

Mulled cider at the Brew House – Bath


My first time drinking mulled cider was at the Brew House in Bath and it was delicious. I don’t drink cider as I am not keen on the taste but the mulled cider smelled so good I couldn’t resist tasting it. I am so glad I did. It was citrusy and easy to drink. Mix that with fairy lights, blankets, and table tennis and I have my new favourite pub. I haven’t tried the food there yet but I’ve heard it’s great.


My amazing long distance relationship

This photo is the cutest, it is very difficult to get my boyfriend to smile for photos so this was taken whilst I was trying to make him laugh. I love it. 

This photo is the cutest, it is very difficult to get my boyfriend to smile for photos so this was taken whilst I was trying to make him laugh. I love it.

I have just said goodbye to my boyfriend of nearly seven years as he set off for the four hour drive home. He has been here in Bath for a week. An amazing week of chilling and cooking (lots and lots of cooking) together. It had been seven weeks since we last spent time together, because I have been so busy with university work. The joys of final year! This is my fourth university year and the fourth year of making a long distance relationship (LDR) work. It has been tough, and so emotionally draining at times. But he is worth it. Of course I wish that we could see each other more, but we make the most out of what we have because we know it isn’t forever. After my graduation next summer we hope to not have a LDR again!
So, how do we make it work?

  • We really, really like each other. Simple.
  • We share. I know that when something exciting happens I want to share it with him. I know that when I make a fool out of myself (which happens often) I want to phone him and tell him about it. I know that when I need someone to rant to about an idea that I have I can tell him. I know that when I am upset he wants to know and comfort me. So I do. Sure, we don’t tell each other everything, we don’t speak on the phone everyday, nor have we Skyped as much as we could have. But it works. We tell each other what we want, how often we want to speak and that keeps us happy. Which leads to the next point…
  • Honesty. We tell each other what we are and are not happy about in our relationship. This has taken time to develop and the communicating of this needs improving but we have always been honest about what we are not happy about with our relationship. Thankfully there isn’t much.
  • Sense of humour. Many of our university friends have mistaken normal conversations or jokes between me and my boyfriend for arguments or one of us being mean and horrible to the other. Nope. We know each other very well and have many ‘inside jokes’ and shared humour. Of course there are parts of his sense of humour that I enjoy less than others, but the fact that it bothers me fuels him on even more. And that in itself I like. And he doesn’t laugh at all of my jokes – I don’t know why, I think I’m hilarious.
  • He is the only boy/man I have ever wanted – we got together when we were 15. I’ve watched him grow into the lovely, intelligent, caring and amazing man he is today.

I am sure that I can make a list one hundred points long but that is definitely enough cute for today. Oh and I didn’t cry when he left!.. I am going home in four days as it is my birthday this weekend. But still, I didn’t cry. Toughness points for me.

Jamine and lily tea posy


Last night my boyfriend and I went to Bath Christmas market, our first Christmas market together. My love of tea and all things pretty took over and my boyfriend kindly bought me three delicious teas from the TeaPeople chalet.

I was introduced to whole flower bud tea. never mind green tea leaves attached to lily and jasmine. My mind was blown. As soon as I got home I grabbed the  largest, prettiest wine glass I could and watched in awe as the bud opened up to reveal pretty flowers.


Even my boyfriend enjoyed watching it and of course it tasted delicious too with a pleasant aroma.

I was much more impressed with the beautiful flowers though. I realise that this is not a new phenomenon, but watching the bud open and creating tea with it made my evening. I hope to buy a glass teapot soon and more tea buds so that I can watch them open up fully and entertain friends with it – I am sure they will appreciate the beauty of it too. I would encourage all of you to try it, there is something peaceful and calming about sitting and watching the bud open up. I cannot wait to do it again and will be revisiting  the Bath Christmas Market to buy more.

What are your favourite whole tea buds or loose leaf tea and can anyone recommend an on-line shop to buy them from?

It’s been a while

It has been almost a whole year since I set up my blog and I have not used it at all!

Life got in the way, I was busy, I made excuses.

I am determined to not let that happen again. Especially as during the past year I was always keen to post on my blog but never put aside the time to. I worked full time (university placement), held two jobs, plus I tried to fit in gym sessions, I worked on my final year dissertation research project and visited my boyfriend who lived an hour-long train journey away.

My new plan (I love plans – who doesn’t?) is to write and not edit too much, just write what I am feeling and POST IT. Boom. Done.

I’m pretty sure that all of the thoughts and ideas in my over-active mind would blossom into something physical and clear some head-space if I wrote them down. Can anyone recommend tips to encourage me to do this?